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Romantic-Drama 1hr32m (2021)

In Toronto, lively music, intricate textiles and vibrant colours paint an unlikely story of love and family when Badi and Sharon, two young students with very different upbringings from a divided Iranian community, accidentally fall in love.

Odd Squad

Kids TV (2021)

Ms. O recruits kids to be part of an elite team of Odd Squad agents that travels the world to solve odd cases.

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Odd Tube

Kids Web Series (2020)

A spin-off from the popular PBS Kids series Odd Squad. This hilarious - and very odd - miniseries is hosted by Agent Orla and gives her fans a whole new way to engage with the series. Orla appears in the OSMU van, talks directly to camera, and visits agents from around the world.

Dino Dana

Kids TV (2018-2019)

Dana is a 9-year old girl who loves dinosaurs. Her life changes forever when she's given a Dino Field Guide, which not only teaches her new things about dinosaurs, but gives her the power to imagine dinosaurs into real life.

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Blackpowder and Guilt

Dramatic Short (2017)

In 1970's rural Canada, a disheveled man revisits the forest where he was forced into adulthood at the age of eleven. The man must come to terms with the guilt of his past as his memories stagger between the image of his father's rifle, the disintegration of his family and the disappearance of his younger brother.

I Mend With You

Romantic Drama Short (2014)

A story of innocence lost where a young man must face his recent guilt-driven past before he can forge a new relationship with a beautiful charismatic young woman.


The Circumdecision

Comedic Short (2013)

A young man is prodded into going under the knife for his religious girlfriend but while waiting for his appointment at the clinic, he begins to have second thoughts.


Experimental (2013)

Shot on film, a juxtaposition of two worlds, exploring numerous facets of their respective dwellings. A contrast of the natural and the crafted, the East and the West, the Past and the Present, and Peace and Chaos.

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Covert Delivery

Action Short (2013)

In the near-future, a hacker attempts to steal patrol routes from the Canadian Coast Guard HQ; these files will help ensure safe passage away from an Autocratic Canada for refugees.


Dramatic Short (2012)

A man awakens the morning after a night of partying to find his belongings scattered, his memories hazy and a strange woman making herself at home in his house.

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